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If you’ve ever felt like a Hangry B*tch and are ready to balance your hormones and restore your joy in just 5 simple steps then Hangry is for you!


This one of a kind book written for women by women contains everything you need to feel better from meals to muscles to mindset.

Best selling author, gym owner and wellness expert Sarah Fragoso and women’s health expert and naturopathic and functional medicine doctor Brooke Kalanick have created a one-of-a-kind nutrition, strength training and stress management foundation that they then teach you how to customize for YOUR unique hormonal imbalance.

What Exactly Do I Get? So Much!

4 webinars, 2 kitchen videos, 3 workout videos, 3 Hangry guides and 3 workout templates. Whoa!


We’ve been where you are:  exhausted, unhappy, overwhelmed and hangry.

And we work with women every day who are hating their hormones, feeling their metabolism is MIA, burdened with too much on their plates: basically unfulfilled and over it.

We know how frustrated you are. You are not  alone.

Hangry honors ALL of your hormones and each aspect of your life: food, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. This program will take you from feeling stressed out, frustrated—and really freaking tired!—to healthy, happy and at home again in your body.

Join the program that’s already changing lives—you will look and feel your best, slow down aging, decrease inflammation and rediscover your joy with this one-of-a-kind customizable plan based on balancing five key hormones by using our five simple habits supported by our five mindset pillars.

Hangry is the comprehensive hormone book we’ve been waiting for. Get ready to restore your joy, heal your hormones, and reset your metabolism in just 4 weeks.

Not sure if you’re HANGRY?

  • Are you too tired to be happy?
  • Do you feel like your metabolism is MIA?
  • Is your plate overflowing with expectations, work and stress?

What Exactly Do I Get? So Much!

4 webinars, 2 kitchen videos, 3 workout videos, 3 Hangry guides and 3 workout templates. Whoa!

"Hangry B*tch is a PCOS Diva’s dream come true! This book offers a comprehensive and customizable program to help you take control of your hormones, mindset, stress, diet and exercise, so you can feel balanced, healthy and whole again."
Amy Medling, Best Selling Author of Healing PCOS and founder of PCOS Diva
"Finally! A hormone book that takes on the multitude of challenges that hormone imbalance brings and offers a totally personalized approach to stop you from being a Hangy B*itch. "
JJ Virgin, New York Times bestselling author of The Virgin Diet and The Sugar Impact Diet
"I always look to Sarah and Dr. Brooke for no nonsense practical advice on how to be the best me! They understand that no two women are the same and Hangry B*tches offers the first fully customizable, easy to use, and completely comprehensive guide to help women heal and reclaim their joy. "
Michelle Tam, New York Times bestselling cookbook author and creator of Nom Nom Paleo
"I love feeling hangry," said no one ever. Break the cycle, balance your hormones, and nourish your body with the comprehensive blueprint laid out for you by dynamic duo Dr. Brooke Kalanick and Sarah Fragoso. If you think tried everything, you owe it to yourself to try a different way with Hangry."
Steph Gaudreau, NTP, USAW, Creator of The Core 4 and Best-Selling author of The Performance Paleo Cookbook
"Hangryis a game-changing book that addresses real problems with real solutions. Each section is absolutely packed with lightbulb moments that will help you take your mind and body to another level!"
Shawn Stevenson, International Best-selling Author, Sleep Smarter and host of the Model Health Show
"Hangry's 5-step customizable plan is every busy women's dream come true for a quick and sustainable program to align hormones, restore their liveliness and enjoy being a woman again! As a triple-board certified physician, I would highly recommend this book to my clients...in fact, any woman in my life!"
Anna Cabecca, DO, FACOG
"I believe deeply in the power of strength training, but I’ve seen firsthand how too much exercise can negatively affect a woman’s hormonal balance, if you’re unsure how to listen to your body and your hormone cues. Dr. Brooke has been integral in helping me understand what works best for my Hashimoto’s and PCOS."
Molly Galbraith, Co-Founder Girls Gone Strong
"If you've ever questioned how to exercise to optimize your hormones, Hangry is your guide! As a woman's health expert and physician, I have seen the hormonal chaos that comes when women apply the right information to the wrong situation. Hangry guides you in how to eat, move, and simplify to get your hormones in check and avoid the chaos!"
Dr Jolene Brighten

I lowered my A1C 0.8 after just a month of implementing the diet and supplements and also shortened my too long menstrual cycle by a week! I have hope of getting pregnant now, so thank you for going out of your comfort zone and doing this program for us! I definitely feel more empowered with my health struggles.

– Kimberly

I have issues with all the hormones per the HB Quiz and my cravings are always so intense, I’ve never known what to do to manage them. This might sound silly but last night I was able to go without any sugar or chocolate for the first time in too many months to count by using the high cortisol coconut butter craving buster recipe! For me this was huge and built my confidence that I can help my hormones if I listen!

– Elizabeth

I’m learning how to get it done. I knew I had to get my five walks in this week but was running out of time as I needed to go to the store. So instead of driving I walked to the store! So simple but this wouldn’t have occurred to me before. Thank you for showing me how to think outside the box and most importantly find ways to prioritize myself!

– Jodi

I really thought dep breathing was for other kinds of people, not me. I’m 34 years old, grew up in NYC and not a “zen” type of person. So for the first two weeks of this program I skipped that part. But then I started doing it….just to see. As a busy mom I go into full on stress mode easily and often but after just a week of doing the suggested mindset and meditation strategies I am learning to maintain a calm in the present and stay out of anxiety about the future. I have a long way to go but I used to push myself to do a highly stressful, metabolic workout sometimes at 11:30 at night so that I could lose weight. As a postpartum, exhausted mom I didn’t know how much damage this was doing to my already fried stress response. I’m learning to take care of my body and breath through the imperfection of it all. Thank you, thank you.

– Sara

"After killing myself with diet and too much exercise and not losing any weight, in just two weeks I lost 3 pounds with waking and the strength training template and not obsession over food or counting calories. I’m surprised but I can’t deny it’s working!"
- Shari
"So many things have improved for the better for me with this program, but today I started my period with minimal cramping and I’m usually bedridden and in so much discomfort! So grateful!"
– Amy
"Last night I slept 6 hours without interruption and today I’ve gone 7 hours without a hot flash. This is huge for me and my hormones feel so much more stable. Thank you! I feel like I have my life back!"
– LeeAnne

I almost cried happy tears today! I’ve been getting stronger and feeling better after and between meals. I’ve been stuck at 8 push ups for as long as I can remember and today I did 10! Also my squats are improving in a way I’ve never felt before and I don’t even have Sarah and Dr Brooke at the gym to “train” me! I’m following the low cortisol protocol and I’ve never felt better. I’m so happy and want to say thank you so much!

– Mari

I wanted to share that through this program I realized that mindset and lifestyle are so much more crucial to how I feel on a day to day basis vs. what supplements I’m taking or even what I’m eating. Yesterday I had too much on my plate and my hormone symptoms and ACES were all over the place. I felt horrible, run down, irritable, stressed and craving sugar. But I made it a point to get outside and take a #mantrawalk. I felt my physiology shifting. Felt so powerful to know how to listen to my hormones and do what I needed to do for myself.

– Bethany

After suffering from low appetite in the morning for so long and finally learning this was likely from low cortisol around breakfast time, I’ve been following all of the low cortisol suggestions….and I was hungry this morning! It’s working, it’s working!!! Breakfast soup here I come! I love these recipes because they really do work with my hormones!

– Lisa

Something is working….I typically overeat carbs that don’t work for me while I clean up after sidestepping them at dinner. But tonight I ate my protein, veggies and the right amount of a carb that DOES work for me and put the food away after dinner without issue! This may seem like a small feat to some but this committing to what works for me has been my hardest battle and this was a win. Thank you!

– Corie

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After starting with the core+floor and hormone reset workout I’ve been able to actually feel my core engaging – for the first time in my life – when I exercise and even when I walk. I have Hashimoto’s and have always felt low stamina and low tolerance for exercise and this is the first time I’ve been able to be consistent with working out and I feel AMAZING! I’m starting to see my muscles when I flex, my mood is improved and my energy is way better. I want you two beautiful ladies to know what a huge deal this is for me and how thankful I am to have you two helping me live a better life via this program, your online groups and the podcast! Oh and my husband thanks you too!

– Noel

For me the biggest benefit of this program was been the education. I’ve been suffering from severe fatigue for quite some time now and after going to four different doctors who told me it was just normal to be so tired as a working mom I finally feel like there is hope for me! I am so empowered by the information you have given me. With this gift I have my health back into my own hands and I have the resources to figure out what works for me. For the first time in almost five years I feel like I have answers! Thank you Dr Brooke and Sarah!

– Mollie

This program seems like it’s only for women with hormonal problems BUT I want every woman to have it and save them selves the destruction so many women cause themselves with the wrong diet and exercise. I can’t’ wait to give this book to every woman I know!

– Mary

I learned so many things from this program but the biggest take away for me was to honor myself. Just before the fourth week of the plan I got laid off. I was sad and super stressed but every time I got worked up I would close my eyes and just breath and I used all of the 12 Tangible Tools! I kept taking my adaptogens for stress and doing the best I could. Any other time I would’ve given up because I wasn’t able to do it all perfectly. Every woman needs to understand this! Thank you both.

– Kim

I am excited to finally have an exercise system and plan that I can maintain and won’t get bored from . To honor my hormones and ACES I switched to four meals a day in week one and much to my surprise with all the talk about keto and fasting, this was a game changer! I feel so much better and I’ve been between two holes in my belt for the last few months but finally able to get back to the one I am most comfortable at!

– Austyn

This program helped me in so many BIG ways. I was eating too little food and too little carbs and lifting too light with way too much metabolic conditioning. I’d hold on for several days fighting the cravings for sweet and fatty foods. When I couldn’t take it anymore I’d overeat and indulging in everything. I stopped ignoring the signs this program taught me to listen too, added a few bites of carbs per meal and got over my guilt of just walking “cuz it’s too easy”. The Hormone Reset workout helped me so much as well and to my surprise (because it felt like it wasn’t hard enough) I lost those 5 lbs I’ve been struggling with for so long. I can say now with an incredible warmth in my heart that I don’t want my body to merely get smaller anymore, I want my body to be stronger and I want to feel healthy. I now find my body beautiful and I’m letting go of feeling not good enough, which has tormented me for so long. I have less bloating, less stomach pain, fewer cravings, feel capable and at ease in my body. I’m learning to choose foods based on what works for me vs. restricting foods that I thought were bad – which only made me binge later and feel guilty every day. All of this change miraculously has come from a place of self-love and self-care instead of trying to be perfect. Thank you so much, this plan has been amazing for me in every way.

– Marisha

This isn’t just about food and exercise! I recently had my car breakdown on the interstate and was blocking traffic, leaving only a single lane open. I started shaking and burst into tears waiting for the tow truck and police. BUT then I remembered my 12 Tangible Tools and started doing the 2X out breathing. I stopped my flip out right then and there. Fast forward to when I got home and I was starving and could feel where in the past I would’ve eating all the foods that don’t work for me because of it. Instead I took those deep breaths again, choose dinner that worked for me and enjoyed it. Never would I have believed this night didn’t end in tears, wine, chocolate and beating myself up. Instead I handled this like a boss! With a few tears, but still. Thank you so much for the tools!

– Amy

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