Hangry Resources

In Hangry we directed you to this site for a few resources to make sure you had everything you needed to be successful with our program.

Hangry B*tches Online Coaching Program

Struggling to Opt Out Of Overwhelm? Don’t worry, we have help!

We’ve taken thousands of women through this program so we’ve learned where there are some sticky spots, what the most common questions are and when women need a little extra clarification or support with this program. So we put it all into one program for you!

This self-led coaching program is a companion to our book HANGRY. We will provide coaching for each phase of the four week program from the book to provide greater clarity, more resources and expertise to help you get the most out of the comprehensive Hangry B*tch Reset in the book. This program contains both video coaching and many printable guides to make your journey through HANGRY less overwhelming and more successful!

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Restorative Breathing with Sarah Fragoso

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, or Tapping)


The 12 Tangible Tools

You’ll want this guide at the ready for those really tough moments! This printable reminder of each of our 12 tools taught throughout the Hangry B*tch Reset are right here in one place – perfect to pull out when you’re struggling not to get totally stressed out.


Guide To The Hangry Systems & Hormone Hierarchy

This beautiful, quick guide contains a great infographic for all of those helpful systems within Hangry! The 5 Habits (the 54321), 5 Pillars, RAMP overtraining acronym, ACES hormone talk acronym and the Hangry Hormone Hierarchy.


Hangry Supplement Guide

All of the supplement suggestions in one convenient place! Broken down by hormone imbalance or concern (i..e low cortisol, trouble sleeping, female hormone help, PCOS, etc.).


Lab Guide

Dr Brooke’s full guide to lab testing for women and their hormones.


Full Reference Section

Due to space constraints, only a limited reference section was provided in Hangry, this guide contains the full set of references.

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